Description of Caravaggio's painting “Cupid the Winner”

Description of Caravaggio's painting “Cupid the Winner”

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At the time when Caravaggio created this picture, the patronage of the rich gentlemen was very popular. It was created as a competitive basis for Cardinal Francesco Bourbon, who was engaged in particular in providing patronage to young and talented artists. This picture was supposed to show the earthly and rather sinful Cupid as opposed to the heavenly and pure Cupid. That is, this should have had not only dark wings, but also an appropriate look. His posture and actions should also indicate whether he won the confrontation or lost. And Caravaggio did it very well.

The picture depicts a rebellious boy who is either sitting or climbing off the dais at this moment. And around it are scattered different objects. But what does he look like! He looks directly at the viewer with shameless eyes, and his whole pose speaks of his rebellion and impudent nature. He holds arrows in his right hand that can pierce any heart and make him submit to love, and his sly smile hints that he likes to joke. He has black wings behind his back, and it's hard to see if they are dirty or just scruffy.

Around Amur trash is scattered from different spheres of human life: this is the musical sphere, expressed in lute, notes and violin, and power and military prowess, expressed in the crown, wand and armor. Naked Cupid does not pay any attention to what is happening around him. The chaos reigns in the room, it seems that only recently they fought here. But who and why - to explore and understand the viewer yourself.

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